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Flash series ending.

2014-09-23 22:40:53 by Kirb-Star

I feel depressed as F%$#

I'm officially cancelling this flash series.

I may turn the history into a manga-styled comic if I get better but maybe not.


I made my choice. The series will turn into a manga-styled comic. Why? Lem'me explain:

-Making a whole episode would be just extremelly hard, if I made the intro in 2-3 weeks, imagine how much time I would consume to make an entire episode.If I get any fans, I'm sure they would prefer more regular updates than 1-2 upadtes per year.

-Voices: Since I need to animate the lip sync, I need to hire Voice Actors, but that would just slow down the whole project, therefore, I'd not be able to continue the story in a proper time.

Well, that's all I can say for now. I'm still planning how I'm gonna do the whole thing but I'll figure it out by myself.


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2014-09-24 08:07:02


Kirb-Star responds:

Don't worry. I made my choice:
The series will continue, in a manga-styled comic. If I get to upload it in Youtube, I may add animated action parts to it.


2014-09-26 16:34:44

Well that's a bummer, at least you aren't entirely throwing away the idea.